Head of Department (Director)

Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey
Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey
Scientific member (Director)
Phone: + 49 4522 763-710
Fax: +49 4522 763-310


Britta Baron
Phone: + 49 4522 763-253
Fax: +49 4522 763-310

Research Group Leaders

Dr. Frederic Bertels
Research Group Leader
Phone: + 49 4522 763-222

Department Microbial Population Biology (Rainey)

Department Microbial Population Biology

The group's work is both theoretical and empirical and makes frequent use of experimental microbial populations to study evolutionary process. Evolutionary transitions in individuality and the origins of multicellularity are a growing fascination.

Paul Raineys new department for Microbial Population Biology is currently building up and will officially start its work in spring 2018.

More information on his current work can be found here: www.lge.espci.fr (current lab in France) or evolution.massey.ac.nz (former lab in New Zealand).

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