Daniel Unterweger

January 12, 2022

Please refer to http://web.evolbio.mpg.de/evolgenomics/ and contact Daniel <unterweger@evolbio.mpg.de> for further information on the project.

Bacteria-bacteria interactions in microbial communities

We are a young international group with a track record in bacteria-bacteria interactions. Our projects combine evolutionary biology with microbiology to better understand health and disease.

Bacteria often occur in densely packed communities in which individual cells interact with each other. This may be in the microbiome of healthy individuals, as pathogens during disease or in the environment. The interactions between bacteria can be harmful or helpful. In the extreme, they use a sophisticated molecular machinery like the type VI secretion system to kill each other. The role of these interactions in a community is little understood.

We perform evolution experiments and assemble communities in the lab to test how and why Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria interact with each other. Techniques include bacterial genetics, molecular biology, microscopy, bioinformatics, cultivation of patient isolates and an insect infection model.

We are looking for a creative mind that shares our fascination for biology.

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