Finding books and using the library

July 27, 2021

Here you will find information about how to find literature, user account, inter-library loan, borrowing and forms to order articles and books or suggest new books to buy for our collection.
The library holdings are organised according to an individual systematic. The location and book signatures can be found via our catalogue. The library does not lend whole issues of journals, but you are welcome to take copies or scan the articles needed. Holdings in the library are openly accessible for the institute staff.

The first place you should take a look, is wether we have the title in the library:

Inter-library loan / Buying books

If these searches until now did not give you any result, consider an inter-library loan. Contact your friendly librarian. The book would be delivered right to the institute for you. if you think that we should buy the book for the library, please fill out the form on the left side, "Suggestion for a new book purchase".

User account for the library

Borrowing books

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