Causes and Consequences of Inclusive Inheritance

Causes and Consequences of Inclusive Inheritance

6.-8. November 2019

Parental effects occur when the phenotype of one or both parent(s) affects the phenotype of offspring beyond direct effects of genetic inheritance. Examples include (i) offspring lifespan or reproductive success depending on whether they were produced early or late in their parents’ lives, in which case the change seems mostly maladaptive and caused by senescence, or (ii) immune responsiveness of offspring varying with parasite exposure of their parents, in which case the change most likely confers fitness benefits and is adaptive. From a mechanistic perspective, the question which processes underlie transgenerational inheritance remains open. Moreover, from an evolutionary point of view, the fitness consequences of transgenerational inheritance and its impact on adaptation to changing environments are also mostly unknown. In this workshop, we aim to discuss examples of transgenerational inheritance in natural populations of non-model organisms, potential mechanisms underlying such patterns and its evolutionary underpinnings and consequences.

Organizers: Miriam Liedvogel (MPI Plön), Sandra Bouwhuis (Institute for Avian Research, Wilhelmshaven), Melanie Heckwolf (GEOMAR) and Britta Meyer (MPI Plön).

More information, registration and abstract submission can be found on the workshop website.

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