Hinrich Schulenburg

Please contact Hinrich for further information on the project: hschulenburg@zoologie.uni-kiel.de

Microbiome-mediated adaptation in the model host C. elegans

The aim of this doctoral project is to assess if and how the microbiome helps its host to respond to new environmental challenges. In general, the microbiome can have strong effects on the fitness of its host and it can change fast in composition or even genetically. Therefore, it can affect how its host copes with novel environments, thereby influencing evolutionary adaptation of the host. However, the exact dyhamics of these effects, the resulting consequences, and also the particular traits involved are largely unknown. This project addresses this topic using an experimental approach based on the model host C. elegans. The research will combine evolution experiments with genome sequencing, functional genetic analysis, confocal laser microscopy, statistical analysis, and possibly mathematical modelling.

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