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    Journal Article
    Sentis, A.; Binzer, A.; Boukal, D. S.: Temperature-size responses alter food chain persistence across environmental gradients. Ecology Letters 20 (7), pp. 852 - 862 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Tylianakis, J. M.; Binzer, A.: Effects of global environmental changes on parasitoid–host food webs and biological control. Biological Control 75, pp. 77 - 86 (2014)

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    Book Chapter
    Gaedke, U.; Beisner, B. E.; Binzer, A.; Downing, A.; Guill, C.; Klauschies, T.; Kuiper, J. J.; Soudijn, F. H.; Mooij, W. M.: Importance of trait-related flexibility for food-web dynamics and the maintenance of biodiversity. In: Adaptive Food Webs: Stability and Transitions of Real and Model Ecosystems, pp. 146 - 163 (Eds. Moore, J.; De Ruiter, P.; McCann, K.; Wolters, V.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2017)
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