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Journal Article
Immel, A.; Pierini, F.; Rinne, C.; Meadows, J.; Barquera, R.; Szolek, A.; Susat, J.; Böhme, L.; Dose, J.; Bonczarowska, J. et al.; Drummer, C.; Fuchs, K.; Ellinghaus, D.; Kässens, J. C.; Furholt, M.; Kohlbacher, O.; Schade-Lindig, S.; Franke, A.; Schreiber, S.; Krause, J.; Müller, J.; Lenz, T. L.; Krause-Kyora, A. N. B.: Genome-wide study of a Neolithic Wartberg grave community reveals distinct HLA variation and hunter-gatherer ancestry. Communications Biology 4, 113 (2021)
Journal Article
Pierini, F.; Nutsua, M.; Böhme, L.; Özer, O.; Bonczarowska, J. H.; Susat, J.; Franke, A.; Nebel, A.; Krause-Kyora, B.; Lenz, T. L.: Targeted analysis of polymorphic loci from low-coverage shotgun sequence data allows accurate genotyping of HLA genes in historical human populations. Scientific Reports 10, 7339 (2020)
Journal Article
Arora, J.; Pierini, F.; McLaren, P. J.; Carrington, M.; Fellay, J.; Lenz, T. L.: HLA heterozygote advantage against HIV-1 is driven by quantitative and qualitative differences in HLA allele-specific peptide presentation. Molecular Biology and Evolution 37 (3), pp. 639 - 650 (2020)
Journal Article
Chowell, D.; Krishna, C.; Pierini, F.; Makarov, V.; Rizvi, N. A.; Kuo, F.; Morris, L. G. T.; Riaz, N.; Lenz, T. L.; Chan, T. A.: Evolutionary divergence of HLA class I genotype impacts efficacy of cancer immunotherapy. Nature Medicine 25 (11), pp. 1715 - 1720 (2019)
Journal Article
Pierini, F.; Lenz, T. L.: Divergent allele advantage at human MHC Genes: signatures of past and ongoing selection. Molecular Biology and Evolution 35 (9), pp. 2145 - 2158 (2018)
Journal Article
Krause-Kyora, B.; Nutsua, M.; Boehme, L.; Pierini, F.; Pedersen, D. D.; Kornell, S.-C.; Drichel, D.; Bonazzi, M.; Möbus, L.; Tarp, P. et al.; Susat, J.; Bosse, E.; Willburger, B.; Schmidt, A. H.; Sauter, J.; Franke, A.; Wittig, M.; Caliebe, A.; Nothnagel, M.; Schreiber, S.; Boldsen, J. L.; Lenz, T. L.; Nebel, A.: Ancient DNA study reveals HLA susceptibility locus for leprosy in medieval Europeans. Nature Communications 9, 1569 (2018)
Journal Article
Pierini, F.; Demarchi, B.; Turner, J.; Penkman, K.: Pecten as a new substrate for IcPD dating: The quaternary raised beaches in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. Quaternary Geochronology (2016)
Journal Article
Gómez-Sánchez, D.; Olalde, I.; Pierini, F.; Matas-Lalueza, L.; Gigli, E.; Lari, M.; Civit, S.; Lozano, M.; Vergès, J. M.; Caramelli, D. et al.; Ramírez, O.; Lalueza-Fox, C.: Mitochondrial DNA from El Mirador Cave (Atapuerca, Spain) Reveals the Heterogeneity of Chalcolithic Populations. PLoS One 9 (8), e105105 (2014)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Pierini, F.: Evolution and function of adaptive immunogenetic diversity in humans. Dissertation, 241 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universtität, Kiel (2019)
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