Publications of Celine Prakash

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Briševac, D.; Prakash, C.; Kaiser, T. S.: Genetic analysis of a phenotypic loss in the mechanosensory entrainment of a circalunar clock. PLoS Genetics 19 (6), e1010763 (2023)
Journal Article
Fuhrmann, N.; Prakash, C.; Kaiser, T. S.: Polygenic adaptation from standing genetic variation allows rapid ecotype formation. eLife 12, e82824 (2023)
Journal Article
Prakash, C.; Trognitz, F. C.; Venhuizen, P.; von Haeseler, A.; Trognitz, B.: A compendium of genome-wide sequence reads from NBS (nucleotide binding site) domains of resistance genes in the common potato. Scientific Reports 10, 11392 (2020)
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