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Red King or Red Queen

September 24, 2012
In relationships based on mutuality, the number of individuals involved can determine the rate at which species evolve [more]

Tax evaders prefer institutional punishment

July 04, 2012
Establishing a central, costly authority can help to facilitate a stable coexistence [more]

Interacting mutations promote diversity

June 28, 2012
Frequency-dependent selection fosters the diversity of populations but does not always increase the average fitness of the population. [more]

When reputation is at stake, punishment becomes more responsible

June 19, 2012
Reputation could be the deciding factor in the evolution of cooperation and punishment [more]

Does cooperation require both reciprocity and alike neighbours?

June 08, 2012
Max Planck scientists develop new theoretical model on the evolution of cooperation [more]
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Repeat act: parallel selection tweaks many of the same genes to make big and heavy mice

May 09, 2012
Max Planck scientists decode genes for a complex characteristic [more]
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Available information on the free release of genetically modified insects into the wild is highly restricted

February 01, 2012
Max Planck scientists analysing the release of genetically modified insects into the environment have found that the available scientific information can be misleading [more]
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