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Scientific Coordinator
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Press and Public Relations

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Diseases and sex

January 03, 2012
The cocktail maintaining immune gene variation [more]
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A winning formula for climate change conferences?

November 22, 2011
The likelihood of damage caused by climate change in the medium term could bring poor and rich countries to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions [more]
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Mutants with heterozygote disadvantage can prevent spread of transgenic animals

November 21, 2011
Max Planck researchers simulate the conditions for the safest possible release of genetically modified organisms [more]
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Punishment of egoistic behaviour is not rewarded

November 14, 2011
People do not like to be observed when they cause harm to others [more]
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Shedding new light on embryonic development

December 15, 2010
Similarities in the embryonic development of various animal species are also found at molecular level [more]
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Genetic based human diseases are an ancient evolutionary legacy

October 16, 2008
Evolutionary geneticists reveal that disease genes emerged very early in evolutionary history [more]
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When reputation matters, punishment may be reduced to the extreme cases

December 07, 2006
In human societies, social misconduct for personal gain is restrained by the withdrawal of social support and additional direct punishment is desired to discipline the worst social loafers [more]
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