Participating Institutes

Participating Institutes

The IMPRS unites resources from three major institutions, the MPI in Plön, the GEOMAR in Kiel and the University of Kiel. All of them have state of the art equipment, laboratories and teaching facilities. The GEOMAR houses central facilities of the excellence cluster " The Future Ocean" with infrastructure platforms in molecular biology. The medical faculty of the University of Kiel houses the genomics infrastructure platform for the excellence cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces".

Major pieces of equipment include:

MPI Plön: Large indoor and outdoor aquaria and a mesocosm system in the lake, facility for keeping wild mouse populations, micro Computertomograph, Sequencing facility with capillary sequencers and a 454 (Roche) sequencer, microarray platform (Agilent), pipetting robot, quantitative PCR machines (ABI and Roche), flow cytometer (BD) and a computing cluster for data analysis and simulations.

University of Kiel: Comprehensive animal and plant maintenance facilities, Sequencing Centre including next generation sequencing technologies (454 Roche, SOLiD ABI), pipetting robots, Realtime PCR machines, FACS machine, microscopy centre (electron microscopy, laser scanning microsopy, etc), proteomics facilities (incl. MALDI-TOF, etc), a computing cluster for bioinformatic analyses.

GEOMAR- Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel: Facilities to culture and breed marine organisms including mesocosm facilities, sea going research vessels, deep-sea remote operating vehicles, manned submarine, diverse mass-spectrometers, molecular genetics laboratory including S1 and S2 labs, flow cytometer, real-time PCR machine, ABI capillary sequencer, large computing facilities

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