The faculty of the IMPRS has been involved in several research networks and bilateral collaboration projects. The most significant ones are listed here:

Excellence cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces"
Baines, Bosch, Haubold, Kempken, Leippe, Roeder, Rosenstiel, Schulenburg, Tautz

Excellence cluster "The Future Ocean"
Bosch, Dagan, Kempken, Reusch, Rosenstiel, Schulenburg

DFG priority programme SPP 1399 on host-parasite coevolution
Schulenburg, Reusch, Rosenstiel, Kalbe

DFG Forschergruppe 1078, "Natural selection in structured populations"

EU Eurocores initiative Ecological and Evolutionary Functional Genomics
Schulenburg; collaboration with Wageningen, NL; Gent, B; Paris, F

DFG Priority programme on Evolution of metabolic diversity
Ober (member of steering committee)

BMBF GABI FUTURE program: Establishing a TILLING platform for functional genome research with major crop species (GABI-TILL)

BMBF bioenergy program: Breeding winter beets as a renewable resource for biogas production with a number of German collaborators

Joint European Union FP7 Project on ultra-fast sequencing technologies (READNA)

gEUVADIS Initiative 1000 transcriptome project

Joint genome institute USA, Zostera marina genome project

BIOACID – BMBF funded programme to study the biological effects of Ocean acidification

SFB 754 – Climate-Biogeochemistry interactions in the tropical ocean

SFB 1182 - Origin and Function of Metaorgansims (Collaborative Reserach Centre, CRC)
Baines, Bosch, Dagan, Dutheil, Hentschel Humeida, Leippe, Reusch, Roeder, Rosenstiel, Schulenburg, Stukenbrock, Traulsen

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