Dr Jenna Gallie
Research Group Leader
Phone:+ 49 4522 763-237

Office 121, Lab 055


January 2017: Welcome to our two new PhD students, Anuradha Mukherjee and Zahra Khomarbaghi!

November 2016: Osama Abdulrazak starts an internship to learn some genetic technqiues from the group. Welcome!

September 2016: Welcome to Anuradha Mukherjee, our new IMPRS2016 rotation student!

February 2016: Heike Gruber starts a short Postdoc in the group. Welcome!

November 2015: The official start of our research group!

Research Group Microbial Evolutionary Dynamics (Gallie)

Research Group Microbial Evolutionary Dynamics

We use experimental populations of microbes to study evolution directly in the laboratory. Our primary motivation is to achieve an in-depth, multi-level understanding of evolutionary processes, integrating knowledge of mutations at the genetic, protein, intracellular network and population levels.




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