Advanced Training at the IMPRS Evolbio


The students of the IMPRS participate, complementary to their PhD projects, in an individual training program. A large variety of lectures, courses and seminars is offered and the students can choose those activities which qualify them best for the PhD and future jobs.

The doctoral program curriculum is planned for three-year cycles for students entering with a Master or Diploma degree. The working language of the school is English. After completing the rotations, all students will participate in a teaching program designed to complement the skills and experience that they already have. They will have the option to visit different teaching modules, after discussing this with their thesis committee. Each student will visit courses, lectures and seminars amounting to approximately 20 day equivalents per year.

Thesis submission and thesis defence will follow the official guidelines (Promotionsordnung) of the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät of the University of Kiel. Students will be awarded the official PhD certificate of the University of Kiel and, in addition, a certificate of the IMPRS graduate school. This IMPRS certificate confirms successful completion of the PhD within the IMPRS graduate school and lists all completed courses.

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