About the Institute

The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology consists of the departments for Evolutionary Theory and Microbial Population Biology. 
At the institute basic research is conducted to explain the fundamental processes in evolutionary biology. The range of research work includes ecological, organismal, molecular and theoretical approaches.

Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey
Tel.: +49 4522 763-710
E-Mail: rainey@evolbio.mpg.de more

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

Dr. Andrea Saage
Tel.: +49 4522 763-262
E-Mail: saage@evolbio.mpg.de
Isabel Palmtag
Tel.: +49 4522 763-320
E-Mail: palmtag@evolbio.mpg.de more


Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey (Microbial Population Biology)
Prof. Dr. Arne Traulsen (Theoretical Biology)

Emeritus Directors

Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz
Prof. Dr. Manfred Milinski
Michael Hesse
Tel.: +49 4522 763-606
hesse@evolbio.mpg.de more
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