About the Institute

The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology consists of the departments of Theoretical Biology and Microbial Population Biology, along with various independent research groups. Here, we engage in fundamental research to comprehensively understand the essential processes in evolutionary biology.

Our research spans a wide spectrum, encompassing ecological, organismic, molecular, and theoretical approaches. This diversity allows us to explore and explain evolutionary phenomena at different levels. Whether it's the dynamics of populations, interactions in ecosystems, molecular foundations, or theoretical models – we contribute to piecing together the intricate puzzle of evolutionary biology.

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, collaborates to gain new insights. These insights not only deepen the foundations of evolutionary biology but also provide practical applications and inspiration for further research. Explore more about our exciting projects and activities on the respective pages for Theoretical Biology, Microbial Population Biology, and the various independent research groups.

Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey
Tel.: +49 4522 763-710
E-Mail: rainey@evolbio.mpg.de more

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

Dr. Andrea Saage
Tel.: +49 4522 763-262
E-Mail: saage@evolbio.mpg.de
Isabel Palmtag
Tel.: +49 4522 763-320
E-Mail: palmtag@evolbio.mpg.de more
Prof. Dr. Paul Rainey
Department of Microbial Population Biology

Prof. Dr. Arne Traulsen
Department of Theoretical Biology more

Emeritus Directors

Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz
Prof. Dr. Manfred Milinski
Michael Hesse
Tel.: +49 4522 763-606
hesse@evolbio.mpg.de more
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