Former Departments

Here is an overview of former departments that currently continue to research at our institute under an emeritus status.

The group of Diethard Tautz is interested in the identification and characterization of genes involved in adaptation processes using the house mouse (Mus musculus) as a model system. It applies a broad range of genomic and other techniques.
Part of the Department are the Research Group Bioinformatics (Haubold), the Research Group Molecular Systems Evolution (Dutheil) and the Research Group Meiotic Recombination and Genome Instability (Odenthal-Hesse). [more]
The main theme of the Emeritus group Milinski is the continuation of the topic evolution of cooperation between egoists, which has become empirically explorable by predicting new models of evolutionary theory. It tests assumptions and predictions of such models with students in experimental games and with parasites who jointly exploit a host.
Furthermore, Milinski continues to investigate the sexual reproduction and mate choice based on the three-spined stickleback.
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