Dr. Julien Dutheil
Dr. Julien Dutheil
Research Group Leader

Phone: +49 4522 763-298
Fax: +49 4522 763-281
Room: 166

Research Group Molecular Systems Evolution (Dutheil)

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Research Group Molecular Systems Evolution

The group's research aims at understanding evolution at the molecular level using statistics and bioinformatics. We use population genetics and phylogenetic approaches to understand the evolution of molecular sequences at distinct levels: genes, genomes, RNA, proteins. We make an extensive use of complete genome sequences, gene family databases, (single cell) RNA sequencing datasets, models of protein structures, gene networks, etc.

Our current projects and interests include:
- Developing new models of genomes in populations (population genomics)
- Assessing the impact of the structure of biomolecules (RNA and proteins) on sequence evolution (phylogenetics and structural biology)
- The evolution of stochasticity in gene expression (single-cell transcriptomics and systems biology)
- The evolution of genomes of fungal pathogens (phylogenomics, population genomics)

We study a broad variety of model organisms, from Primates to Bacteria, Mammals and Fungi. We combine both model development and data analysis, with a focus on “omics” data and large scale analyses.

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