Scientific Workshop Programme

Scientific Workshop Programme

The MPI for Evolutionary Biology organises several scientific workshops per year on a regular basis. Researchers from all over the world and from a wide range of areas and disciplines gather in Plön to discuss latest developments in evolutionary biology.

On the following web pages you can inform yourself about the different topics and get to the respective registration pages.

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  •     April 26-28 Modelling Resistance Evolution - Theoretical Methodology Symposium, scientific organization: Christin Nyhoegen & Ernesto Berríos-Caro (MPI for Evolutionary Biology). More information and registration:
  •     22-26 May Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality, scientific organization: Pierrick Bourrat, Guilhem Doulcier, Paul Rainey (MPI Evolutionary Biology) and Kathrin Hammerschmidt (Kiel University). More information and registration:
  •     June 5-8 Mathematical Models of Evolutionary Rescue, scientific organization: Hildegard Uecker (MPI for Evolutionary Biology) and Matthew Osmond (University of Toronto). More information and registration:
  • July  3-7 Vocal Complexity and Social Learning Workshop, scientific organization: Dianne Brunton (Massey University, New Zealand) and Miriam Liedvogel (MPI for Evolutionary Biology and Institute of Avian Research). More information and registration:
  •     July 11-14 Microbial community ecology: bridging theory and observations, scientific organization: Silvia De Monte, Emil Mallmin (MPI for Evolutionary Biology). More information and registration:





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