Scientific Workshop Programme

Scientific Workshop Programme

The MPI for Evolutionary Biology organises several scientific workshops per year on a regular basis. Researchers from all over the world and from a wide range of areas and disciplines gather in Plön to discuss latest developments in evolutionary biology.

On the following web pages you can inform yourself about the different topics and get to the respective registration pages.

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  •     March 11-14 Genetics of Migration, scientific organization: Miriam Liedvogel (Institute of Avian Research, Wilhelmshaven and MPI for Evolutionary Biology). More information and registration:
  •     May 14-16 Women in Evolutionary Biology, scientific organization: Amanda de Azevedo Lopes, Nikoleta Glynatsi, Stella Kyomen, Karem Lopez, Alejandra Ramirez, Gisela Rodriguez-Sanchez,   Hildegard Uecker (MPI for Evolutionary Biology). More information and registration:
  •     17-19 June Developments in Evolutionary Theory, scientific organization: Arne Traulsen (MPI for Evolutionary Biology). Participation by invitation.
  •     September 24-26 Evolutionary Theory meets the Antibiotic Crisis vol. 2, scientific organization: Hinrich Schulenburg (CAU Kiel and MPI for Evolutionary Biology)
  •     October 14-18 Evolutionary Graph Theory, scientific organization: Nikhil Sharma, Arne Traulsen (MPI for Evolutionary Biology)



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