Prof. Dr. Bernhard Haubold
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Haubold
Research Group Leader
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Research Group Bioinformatics (Haubold)

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Research Group Bioinformatics

We combine experimental and computational approaches to genomics by focusing on two topcs: experimental epigenetics and computational genome comparison. In the epigenetics work we investigate the plasticity of histone modifications to environmental change in mice. For this we use qPCR of candidate loci and genome-wide ChIP-Seq. We work mainly with outcrossing mice as opposed to the inbred strains routinely used in biomedical research. The challenge here is to do epigenetics on a background of genetic diversity.

The research on computational genomics is divided in two: alignment-based and alignment-free. The alignment-based work is focused on the efficient estimation of population genetic parameters as implemented in our program mlRho. In the alignment-free work we use modern string indexing algorithms to develop fast methods for accurately estimating the genetic distances between genomes. An example of this work is the program kr.

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