Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg
Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg
Max Planck Fellow

Phone: + 49 4522 763-533
Room: PinkR 54 E1

Max Planck Fellow Group Antibiotic Resistance Evolution (Schulenburg)

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Max Planck Fellow Group Antibiotic Resistance Evolution

Evolution is at the heart of the current antibiotic crisis. Yet, the ability of bacteria for rapid adaptation is usually ignored during treatment design. My group puts the spotlight on the evolutionary mechanisms that either enhance or constrain bacterial adaptation to antibiotics. One specific focus is on temporal fluctuations in antibiotics and to what extent such sequential treatments influence bacterial evolution. We use evolution experiments and combine these with genome sequence analysis, functional genetics, and also analysis of clinical material.

Hinrich Schulenburg is a Max Planck fellow of the Max Planck Society and professor at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel (CAU).

Thus, in addition to his research group for Evolutionary Ecologiy and Genetics at the Zoological Department of the CAU, Hinrich Schulenburg established a small Max Planck fellow working group at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Plön.

Please visit the CAU website for more information in the research topics of the Schulenburg labs:

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