Max Planck Fellows

The Max Planck Fellow Programme promotes cooperation between outstanding university professors and Max Planck Society researchers. The appointment of university professors as Max Planck Fellows is limited to a five-year period and also entails the supervision of a small working group at a Max Planck institute.

Here you can find an overview of the Max Planck Fellow groups at our institute.

Research in the Environmental Genomics group focuses on adaptation of parasites to their hosts and to the environment in which they exist. As model system we use a group of closely related plant pathogenic fungi in the genus Zymoseptoria. We integrate genomics, transcriptomics, and experimental and molecular approaches to understand adaptive evolution and diversification of Zymoseptoria spp. In a more recently initiated study we address the importance of different histone modifications in gene regulation and genome stability. [more]
Evolution is at the heart of the current antibiotic crisis. Yet, the ability of bacteria for rapid adaptation is usually ignored during treatment design. My group puts the spotlight on the evolutionary mechanisms that either enhance or constrain bacterial adaptation to antibiotics. [more]
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