Application process

Application process

Our next IMPRS EvolBio call will be at the beginning of 2024. Please watch this space. We will also share the announcement in our network and we will post it on twitter.

August 21, 2023

Our selection procedure:

The application process comprises three steps.

Step 1: eligibility check

To be eligible to apply to IMPRS you must hold a Master of Science degree, Diploma, or equivalent. It is not necessary to have the degree at time of application, however, you must have been awarded your degree prior to start of the doctorate program (envisaged 1 September). You must be fluent in written and spoken English. We do not require an official language certificate, but your proficiency will be tested in the interview phase by the panel.

Step 2: project / supervisor choice and formal application

Please review the project descriptions and engage with the associated material. Having decided upon a project / supervisor you will prepare a formal application. This will include a letter of motivation  (max. 1 page) and your CV. The letter should include an explanation of why you wish to pursue a doctorate and provide a reasoned scientific argument for your choice of project. We also require your bachelor and master degrees as well as transcripts of records. If you do not have a certificate yet, please provide a statement by your supervisor or university that you will be graduating before the start of the program.

You should combine all parts of the application in a single PDF. We explicitly ask you to refrain from submitting photographs/application photos. Applications are submitted using an online submission system.

Generic applications will not be further considered.

Step 3: First round interview

You will be contacted by the designated project leader if your application is of interest to them. Ensuing discussion with the potential supervisor will ensure that any decision to commit to a doctorate is an informed one. To be be proceeded to the final selection round in the symposium, you will have to successfully pass through an online interview with a panel of the potential supervisors and two further IMPRS faculty members.

Appraisal process

Applications will be reviewed by IMPRS faculty. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in the final round of interviews (in-person or online to be decided).

Successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible after the final decision.

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