This year's application deadline has passed. New applications can be handed in during spring 2020 upon announcement.

The application procedure is still ongoing (see time schedule below). We will now evaluate all incoming applications, which will take some time.

Please note that we currently can not give any information on the outcome. All applicants will get informed in time of they will be telephone interviewed or not.
We are looking forward to an exciting time of telephone and personal interviews.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Schedule for the upcoming events of this year´s application round:

March 24 Application deadline (passed)

April 08 - May 02


First Interviews (via telephone and/or Skype; passed)

June 17 - 20


interview days: Four days with introduction to all

three research institutions, poster presentations,

(personal) interviews and sightseeing (passed)

Sept 16


Start of the program with general information

and the rotation period

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