IMPRS Research

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The IMPRS unites resources from three major institutions, the MPI in Plön, the GEOMAR in Kiel and the University of Kiel. All of them have state of the art equipment, laboratories and teaching facilities.

The medical faculty of the University of Kiel houses the genomics infrastructure platform for the excellence cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces". Furthermore, the "Kiel Evolution Center" at Kiel University provides an interactive platform that integrates and coordinates evolutionary activities in research, teaching, and public outreach in Kiel and surroundings. The GEOMAR houses central facilities of the excellence cluster " The Future Ocean" with infrastructure platforms in molecular biology.

The reserach areas within the IMPRS Evolbio are conceptionally distributed into three major areas, covering molecular, organismal and theoretical approaches. Several of these projects cover more than one area.

On the right side, you can find detailed information on the research focus of each working group.

Further information on this year´s open projects can be found here.

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