Information for researchers

Individuals with an interest in joining our institute often reach out directly to the respective research group leaders. Explore our current job opportunities [here].

Our institute features a guest program providing scholarships for doctoral students, postdocs, and experienced guest researchers. For those interested, please make direct contact with the research group leader(s) whose work aligns with your interests. Below, you'll find the criteria for grant eligibility within each group.

PhD Candidates:

Doctoral students may qualify for a scholarship of up to 6 months. This funding can be utilized for internships at the institute, participation in the IMPRS evolutionary biology training program, or to bridge the gap between degrees.

Requirements: A master's degree or equivalent qualification.

Application: Apply during specific call periods or coordinate with the training program provider.

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Postdocs from international backgrounds aiming to conduct research at our Institute can receive fellowships lasting up to two years. This can support project preparation for self-financing or bridge the waiting period until application decisions are finalized.

Prerequisite: Recently obtained doctorate (within one year before the fellowship commencement).

Application: Apply directly to the head of the research project.

Decisions regarding doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships are determined by the Guest Program Committee.

Guest Researchers:

Experienced scientists from abroad are eligible for scholarships supporting collaborative projects, training initiatives, or sabbaticals at our institute.

Requirement: The researcher holds a position at a foreign university or research institution, with the ability to return to this position. Alternatively, the doctorate was completed more than 10 years ago.

Application: Apply directly to the scientific host, who also has the authority to approve the award.

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