Guest Program at the MPI for Evolutionary Biology

Stipends for PhD students

A PhD student may apply for a stipend lasting up to 6 months in order to attend a practical training course at the institute, or a teaching program offered by the IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology, or for transitional financing before starting a post-doctoral position.


Eligibility: Master’s degree or equivalent.


Application: Applications for training funding should name the specific course or program for which finance is sought. Applicants for transitional financing require the support of their supervisor.




A postdoc from outside Germany planning to conduct a specific research project at the Institute can obtain a transitional stipend lasting up to two years in order to prepare an application for independent funding, and to bridge the time until the result of that application is known.


Eligibility: recently obtained PhD (up to 1 year before proposed stipend start date).


Application: directly to the leader of the proposed host group.


Decisions on applications for the PhD and postdoc program will be taken by the guest program committee at the institute



Guest scientists

A scientist from outside Germany can receive a stipend for conducting a collaborative project at the Institute, for attending a training course, or for a sabbatical visit.


Eligibility: must hold a position at a foreign University or research institution, and be able to return to this position at the end of the Institute visit.


Application: directly to the leader of the proposed host group, who can also decide about acceptance.





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