IMPRS Program

IMPRS Program

As a PhD student of the IMPRS EvolBio, you will mainly work on your PhD project in one of the research groups of the school. In addition, the school also offers an exciting and flexible curriculum, allowing you to gain both scientific and transferable skills (see section from admission to graduation).

All of our PhD students receive a working contract or a stipend providing them with sufficient funds to live on in Northern Germany. The amount and type varies depending on the funding body.

from admission to graduation

Admission requires a completed master`s or diploma degree in a relevant subject (eg. evolutionary biology, genetics, biochemistry or mathematics, physics depending on the project of interest) and having successfully completed the application procedure. Students with an exceptional bachelor's degree can also be admitted, but will have to complete additional teaching modules.

Our students come from all over the world, so the working language within the IMPRS is English.

The program starts with a training phase giving the new doctoral students the opportunity getting to know the IMPRS better and vice versa. In addition, important methods and techniques can be learned for better performance in the upcoming doctoral project.

The graduate program of the IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology consists of the doctoral thesis and a teaching program. The thesis will be conducted under the guidance of the direct supervisor and a thesis advisory committee (TAC). The committee guides the student in all aspects of her/his PhD time.

The submission and successful defense of your thesis at the end of your PhD program entitles you to the German doctoral degree "Doctor of Natural Sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.), which is considered to be the equivalent to the international academic degree "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.). The doctoral degree is awarded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the Christian Albrechts Universität in Kiel (CAU).

After successful dissertation, each IMPRS participant receives both the doctoral certificate of the university and a certificate of the IMPRS. This certificate confirms the successful completion of the doctoral thesis within the IMPRS and lists all courses attended during this time. All scientific work within the graduate program is based on the Rules of Good Scientific Practice of the Max Planck Society. The Doctoral Program, with all of its rights and responsibilities for doctoral students and supervisors, is written down in the student supervisor agreement of the IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology.

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