Service Group Leaders

Isabel Palmtag
Isabel Palmtag
Head of Administration
Phone: + 49 4522 763-320
Fax: + 49 4522 763-354
Derk Wachsmuth
Derk Wachsmuth
Head of IT Group
Phone:+49 4522 763 315Fax:+49 4522 763 318
Iben Martinsen
Iben Martinsen
Head of Library
Phone:+49 4522 763 356Fax:+49 4522 763 351
Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Scientific Coordinator
Phone:+49 4522 763-233Fax:+49 4522 763-351




The administration is responsible and the contact point for acquisition of goods, human resources, business travels, financials and external funding. [more]

Scientific IT Group

The IT group of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology is responsible for all computers, the network and software at the institute. [more]


The library homepage provides information about current services and access to relevant resources and digital media.

For any kind of comments, questions or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your Librarian


International Office

Welcome to the MPI for Evolutionary Biology!
In the International Office, you will get help and advice with arrangements concerning your research stay at the institute and throughout your residence in Germany. [more]
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