Open projects 2020

Open projects 2020

The following projects are offered within the graduate school this year. You are more than welcome to contact any of the group leaders if you are interested in their proposed project(s).
Please fell free to also contact PIs who do not advertized a project in case you are intererested in working with them and would like to discuss your own project ideas.

For further information on the projects, please click on the name of the group leader who is offering this project in the list below.

For further information on the research groups of interest, please click on the name of the respective group leader in the column to the left.


Frederic Bertels

  • The biological role of putative toxin-antitoxin systems in bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas

Chaitanya Gokhale

  • Eco-evolutionary tuning of biological clocks
  • Co-evolutionary dynamics in the light of extended evolutionary synthesis
  • Theoretical Models of Synthetic Biology

Anja Guenther

  • Trans-generational effects of the social environment on animal personality and cognition

Bernhard Haubold

  • Surveying Local Sequence Complexity in Vertebrate Genomes

Christian Hilbe

  • Modelling the evolution of social norms

Tobias Kaiser

  • The genomic basis of population divergence with gene flow
  • The molecular basis of local adaptation in circalunar timing

Marketa Kaucka Petersen

  • The genetic and developmental basis of face formation & the evolution of facial diversity

    • Uncovering the gene regulatory network driving the induction of mesenchymal condensations
    • Spatio-temporal mapping of the signaling centers inducing the skull
    • Co-evolution of the skull and the postcranial skeleton

Javier Lopez Garrido

  • Emergence of cellular innovations by co-option of pre-existing metabolic pathways

Linda Odenthal-Hesse

  • Modifiers of meiotic NAHR and de-novo Copy Number Change
  • The crossover/noncrossover decision in Prdm9 and Hstx2 mediated hybrid sterility


John Baines

  • Evolution of host gene x microbe interactions in the lung microbiota

Tal Dagan

  • Phylogenetic tree rooting and inference of lateral gene transfer

Matthias Leippe

  • Evolution and function of digestive systems in marine metazoans: past, present, and future

Almut Nebel

  • Study of metabolic (mal-) adaptation in humans by ancient DNA analysis

Dietrich Ober

  • Repeated evolution of a plant defense strategy – insights in the evolutionary machinery

Thomas Roeder

  • Evolution of the gut-brain axis – linking behaviour and metabolism
  • Evolutionary constraints that determine disease susceptibility and disease resistance in chronic inflammatory lung diseases

Hinrich Schulenburg

  • Microbiome-mediated adaptation in the model host C. elegans

Eva H. Stukenbrock

  • Evolution of host specificity in fungal plant pathogens

Daniel Unterweger

  • Bacteria-bacteria interactions in microbial communities
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