Open Projects 2018

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Projects 2018

The following projects are offered in the graduate school this year.

For further information on the projects, please click on the name of the group leader who is offering this project either above the project title or in the left column.

For further information on the research groups of interest, please click on the name of the respective group leader in the right column (faculty home pages).


Frederic Bertels

  • Experimental evolution of viruses

Bernhard Haubold

  • Functional Complexity in Vertebrate Genomes
  • Using Epigenomics to Search for Potential Targets of Selection

Tobias Kaiser

  • 1 midge, 2 clocks and 400 genomes

Tobias Lenz

  • Exploring T-cell repertoire diversity in natural populations

Miriam Liedvogel

  • Bird migration: understanding the genetics of migratory traits

Linda Odenthal-Hesse

  • Evolutionary dynamics and controlling factors of meiotic recombination hotspots

Diethard Tautz

  • Genetic basis of behavioral evolution of mice

Arne Traulsen

  • Self-organized collective motion and the evolution of facultatively multicellular life cycles

Hildegard Uecker

  • The role of plasmids in the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  • Aggressive or moderate drug therapy? The role of the immune system
  • Evolutionary rescue in ecologically complex scenarios


John Baines

  • Evolution of host gene x microbe interactions in the context of chronic inflammatory disorders

Tal Dagan

  • Phylogenetic tree rooting and inference of lateral gene transfer
  • Evolutionary metagenomics of foraminifera residing in oxygen minimum zones  

Christian Jung

  • Evolution of life cycle regimes in species of the plant family Amaranthaceae

Frank Kempken

  • Use of fungal model systems to address evolutionary questions

Almut Nebel

  • Leprosy in medieval Europeans – investigating the effect of pathogen-driven selection on host genomics
  • Ancient dental calculus – identifying changes in the oral microbiome through time

Dietrich Ober

  • Convergent evolution of a specialized plant defense via gene duplication
  • Structural insights into the evolution of new enzymatic activities

Thomas Roeder

  • The evolutionary basis of metabolic disorders? Understanding complex regulatory networks that control metabolic traits using the fruit fly as a model
  • Ancient ways to protect cells from premature death – how to deal with Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes
  • How does the brain-gut axis contribute to maintain intestinal homeostasis

Hinrich Schulenburg

  • Rapid antibiotic resistance evolution

Eva Stukenbrock

  • Evolution of selfish genetic elements in fungi
  • Elucidating crop-pathogen co-evolution by ancient DNA analysis
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