Seminar Series on Evolutionary Medicine

A special seminar series with the over-arching theme of Evolutionary Medicine was held at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in 2017/2018




28 Aug 2017, 11am

Steve Stearns

Yale University, USA

"The causes and consequences of mismatch - Medicine, public health, demography, and selection in postindustrial populations."

08 Sep 2017, 11am

Athena Aktipis

Arizone State University, USA

"Cooperation theory for cancer biology: Is cancer a cellular cheater?"

12 Oct 2017, 3pm

Jenny Tung

Duke University, USA

"The importance of being social: social interactions, gene regulation, and fitness in nonhuman primates."

16 Nov 2017, 5pm

Frank Rühli

University Zürich, Switzerland

"Ongoing evolution, how anatomy and physiology changes."

07 Dec 2017, 3pm

Andrew Read

Penn State University, USA

"When drugs stop working: antimicrobial resistance and what to do about it."

25 Jan 2018, 3pm

Andrea Graham

Princeton University

"Why do immune systems harm their bearers?  From parasite resistance to lupus susceptibility."

The seminar series was organized and hosted by Tobias Lenz & John Baines

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