Finding articles and journals

September 24, 2021

Articles for which the MPG in general or the institute specifically has a licence for, will automatically be accessible to you when you are within the institute network. If you are outside the institute, remember to use your VPN.

The MPG/SFG Service combines various databases to help you find a particular article:

Wherever you see this button sfx button on article level take advantage of MPG/SFX Services.

After clicking the button, a new browser window opens, presenting a menu of MPG/SFX Services available for the specific reference.

Some additional information you might find useful

Rules for using electronic journals

- Use of the files is restricted to purposes of research and education only

- Full text articles may be printed or saved solely for private use or for research purposes

- Systematic download of articles or search results is prohibited

- It is not allowed to pass articles (electronically or printed) to a third party

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