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Theory in Spring

Evolutionary Theory across scales of organisation Part III

Theory in Spring

Evolutionary Theory Across Scales of Organisation Part II

Nonlinear averaging in 2D: intraspecific variation in two interacting species and consequences for population dynamics

Theory in Spring

Christina Pawlowitsch and Josef Hofbauer: Costly Signaling - Rationality and Evolution

Costly Signaling: Rationality and Evolution
1000 - Part I: Belief-based reasoning in costly signaling games (Christina Pawlowitsch, Universite Pantheon-Assas, Paris 2); 1130 - Part II: Evolutionary dynamics of costly signaling games (Josef Hofbauer, University of Vienna) [more]

Fabrizio Mafessoni: Bonobos' sexual behavior and parental care influence the accumulation of deleterious alleles on the X-chromosome

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