Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Scientific Coordinator

Phone: + 49 4522 763-233
Fax: +49 4522 763-351
Room: 116

Press and Public Relations


15500 1537742795

Special Seminar - Yoland Savriama: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Biological Shapes: Concepts, Methods and Applications


14335 1528812851

Special Seminar - Shirley Raveh: Effects of pathogens, diet, and social behaviour


14333 1528812394

Special Seminar - Anja Guenther: Development and function of animal personality in wild cavies


4357 1454937673

The evolution of testis transcriptomes among primates


3892 1452245441

Patricia Wittkopp: Evolution of gene expression: from mutation polymorphism to divergence


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