Host: Paul Rainey Location: MPI Plön

Scott Miller: Plasticity lost and found: cyanobacterial adaptation to novel environments

Bruce Levin: An excursion into the population and evolutionary dynamics of bacteriophage

Søren Molin: Survival strategies in bacterial populations during persistent lung infections

Michael Seeger: Genetic diversity of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis strains from Central Chile and their phylogenetic relationships with strains from America, Europe and Africa

Special Seminar - Pierrick Bourrat: Transitions in Evolution: A Formal Analysis

Rees Kassen: From so simple a beginning - Adaptation and diversification in microbial populations

Victor de Lorenzo: Evolution as heterotic computing - How environmental bacteria conquest the chemical space

Daniel Falush: The landscape of coadaptation in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Michael McDonald: Adaptation in recombining experimental populations of microbes, and the repeatability of evolution

Honour McCann: Emergence and Evolution of Plant Infectious Disease

Rafal Mostowy: Diversity and evolution of polysaccharide antigens in Enterobacteriaceae

Pierrick Bourrat: Dissolving the Fitness-Decoupling Paradox in Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality

Philippe Remigi: The evolution of phenotypic heterogeneity in Pseudomonas fluorescens

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