Dr. Andrea Patricia Murillo Rincon


Curriculum Vitae

I come from Bogota, Colombia, where I did my Bachelor in Biology. For my master studies, I moved to Germany, where I completed a master in Nature Conservation (MINC) and later a second one in Evolutionary Biology (MEME). During this time I had the privilege to live in different countries and to participate in research activities at several universities. This has been one of the most enriching experiences I have had, both at the professional and personal level. I came back to Germany to do my PhD, as part of the IMPRS in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kiel. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Bosch studying the evolution of the communication between the host-associated microbiota and the host nervous system, using the cnidarian Hydra as model organism. Currently I am working at the Craniofacial Biology group led by Marketa Kaucka, this time studying the development and evolution of facial shapes. My research interests are broad in the sense that I prefer to work on interdisciplinary questions, where knowledge and expertise from different fields is required. From this perspective, evolutionary developmental biology and the interplay between development and the biotic and abiotic environment are some of my favorite topics to do research on.

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