Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
Scientific Coordinator
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Press and Public Relations

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Raw material for new genes

March 07, 2016
Genetic analysis in mice shows that new genes can evolve from non-functional DNA regions [more]
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Voters prefer to be represented by extortioners

March 07, 2016
A climate game and a game theory model show that people prefer representatives who adopt an extortionate strategy in negotiations [more]
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Mutual sabotage in parasites

February 10, 2016
When parasites in different developmental stages infect the same host, conflicts of interest develop between the parasites [more]
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The life story of stem cells

November 09, 2015
A model analyses the development of stem cell numbers in the human body [more]
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Genes for speciation

December 09, 2014
Regions in the genome cause infertility in some hybrids of house mouse subspecies [more]
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From single cells to multicellular life

November 06, 2014
Max Planck researchers capture the emergence of multicellular life in real-time experiments [more]
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