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Dr. Kerstin Mehnert
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Dietary changes in wild house mice quickly shift their intestinal microbiome composition

June 02, 2014
Understanding the reasons why intestinal bacterial communities differ between individuals and within individuals over time represent major challenges for microbiome researchers. Researchers at Kiel University and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany reveal that the recent dietary history of house mice living in the wild is a major determinant of the type of bacterial community present in their gut at a given time. The article appeared on May, 27th 2014 in the online edition of “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”. [more]
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Environmental change leaves its footprint in the epigenome

May 30, 2014
High-fat diets and long daylight periods alter epigenetic markers in wild mice [more]
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Extortioners are only temporarily successful

May 29, 2014
A game theory experiment demonstrates that people only let themselves be extorted to a limited extent, thus contradicting models indicating the success of extortionate social conduct [more]
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Fear of the cuckoo mafia

April 17, 2014
For fear of retaliation, birds accept and raise brood parasites’ young [more]

Democracy pays

December 23, 2013
Majority wants both punishment for tax evaders and things to go fine for themselves [more]

People don't put a high value on climate protection

October 23, 2013
Without further incentives selfish behaviour will continue to dominate [more]
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Mate choice in mice is heavily influenced by paternal cues

March 28, 2013
Hybrid offspring of different house mice populations show a preference for mating with individuals from their father's original population [more]
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