Members of the IMPRS

Members of the IMPRS

Doctoral Researchers (DRs)

More than 60 doctoral researchers are currently working in our IMPRS EvolBio. They come from 29 different countries meaning that about 75 percent of PhD students are from abroad. Our faculty consists of about 30 leading scientists from all three participating institutions in Kiel and Plön.

IMPRS DR representatives

The speakers of the fellows are easy-to-reach contact persons for all IMPRS doctoral researchers. They represent the interests of the fellows in the IMPRS in general and in the faculty meetings. The IMPRS DR representatives are elected each year on the meeting of the fellows (IMPRS retreat). Re-election is possible.
Preferably, at least one DR from each location (Kiel: CAU/ GEOMAR and Plön: MPI) should be elected.

In addition, an external representative is elected for a term of one year by all MPI DRs. They represent the institute to the Max Planck PhDnet, which in turn is the network of all doctoral researchers and their representatives of the Max Planck Society. It was founded in 2003 to improve interdisciplinary cooperation, to optimize doctoral education and scientific exchange, and to strengthen academic solidarity.

At present, we have three IMPRS speakers and one external speaker at the MPI. All representatives work closely together. They provide a platform for an exchange among the doctoral researchers and organize regular meetings, such as social events or the yearly IMPRS retreat.

The DR representatives are in close contact with the administrator of the graduate program and also attend the regular meetings of the IMPRS faculty.

IMPRS EvolBio Management

The IMPRS is headed by two spokespersons, one from the MPI (Paul Rainey) and one from the University (Eva H. Stukenbrock). The spokespersons together with Tal Dagan (CAU), Thorsten Reusch (GEOMAR), Hinrich Schulenburg (CAU), Diethard Tautz (MPI) and Arne Traulsen (MPI) form the steering committee. The steering committee members along with the administrator of the program coordinate all major decisions with respect to the organization of the program or teaching and recruitment of doctoral researschers and new faculty members.

The administrator runs the daily business of the school. The major tasks in coordinating the program include the preparation and organization of the recruitment procedure, the support of (new) doctoral researchers in all kind of relevant matters, the coordination of courses and lectures, the preparation of retreats (together with a team of doctoral researchers) and the administration of the IMPRS website. Furthermore, the administrator functions as the contact person for all IMPRS DRs as well as the IMPRS faculty.
She collaborates with the administrative and secretarial staff of the MPI and the University, the International Offices at the MPI and at CAU as well as with the Graduate Center of the University.

IMPRS faculty members

The IMPRS faculty consists of independent group leaders from all three participating institutions. The faculty is actively involved in the recruitment of new IMPRS candidates and the TAC meetings. Furthermore, they should attend the IMPRS activities, such as the retreat or the doctoral researchers’ presentations.

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