Prof. Dr. Bernhard Haubold

Research Group Leader
Former Department Tautz
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
Research Group Bioinformatics
+ 49 4522 763-276
+49 4522 763-281

Main Focus

My research is focused on two topics: computational genomics and population genetics. In computational genomics
I use efficient string searching algorithms to compare closely related genomes. Problems thus addressed include the quantification of genome repetitiveness and the estimation of evolutionary distances between unaligned genomes.
In population genetics I have in the past worked on topics including the detection of recombination and the simulation of genetic hitchhiking. I am currently investigating evolution in structured populations.

Research fields:
Computational genomics
Population genetics
String searching

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae:
Study of Natural Sciences, BA Cambridge Univ. (1991), teacher training Freiburg Univ. (1991-1994), doctorate Oxford Univ. (1998), postdoc Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology Jena (1998-2001), bioinformatican at LION Bioscience AG Heidelberg (2001-2002), Professor of Bioinformatics at Univ. of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (2003-2008), group leader Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology (since 2008).

Scientific Awards:
Endowed professorship for Bioinformatics Univ. of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (2003-2007)
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