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Journal Article (41)

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    Journal Article
    Lenz, T. L.; Jacob, A.; Wedekind, C.: Manipulating sex ratio to increase population growth: the example of the Lesser Kestrel. Animal Conservation 10 (2), pp. 236 - 244 (2007)

Book Chapter (1)

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    Book Chapter
    Lenz, T.; Kalbe, M.: Die Optimierung des Immunsystems durch natürliche und sexuelle Selektion. In: Jahrbuch 2010, pp. 1 - 4 (Ed. Max Planck Gesellschaft). Max Planck Gesellschaft, München (2010)

Thesis - PhD (3)

  1. 43.
    Thesis - PhD
    Pierini, F.: Evolution and function of adaptive immunogenetic diversity in humans. Dissertation, 241 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universtität, Kiel (2019)
  2. 44.
    Thesis - PhD
    Arora, J.: Functional characterization of antigen repertoires in HLA-associated complex diseases to investigate antagonistic selection on HLA genes. Dissertation, 145 pp., Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön (2019)
  3. 45.
    Thesis - PhD
    Lenz, T. L.: MHC polymorphism in the three-spined stickleback and its role in host-parasite co-evolution. Dissertation, 178 pp., Christian-Albechts-Universität, Kiel (2008)

Other (1)

  1. 46.
    Hasan Ali, O.; Berner, F.; Bomze, D.; Fässler, M.; Diem, S.; Cozzio, A.; Jörger, M.; Früh, M.; Driessen, C.; Lenz, T. L. et al.; Flatz, L.: Human leukocyte antigen variation is associated with adverse events of checkpoint inhibitors, (2019)
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