Publications of Viviana Horna

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Schöngart, J.; Piedade, M. T. F.; Ludwigshausen, S.; Horna, V.; Worbes, M.: Phenology and stem-growth periodicity of tree species in Amazonian floodplain forests. Journal of Tropical Ecology 18 (4), pp. 581 - 597 (2002)

Book (1)

Horna-de-Zimmermann, J.-V.: Carbon release from woody parts of trees from a seasonally flooded Amazon forest near Manaus, Brazil. Bayreuther Institut für Terrestrische Ökosystemforschung, Bayreuth (2002), 138 pp.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Horna, V.; Zimmermann, R.; Müller, E.; Parolin, P.: Sap flow and stem respiration. In: Amazonian Floodplain Forests: Ecophysiology, Biodiversity and Sustainable Management, pp. 223 - 241 (Eds. Junk, W. J.; Piedade, M. T. F.; Wittmann, F.; Schöngart, J.; Parolin, P.). Springer, Dordrecht [et al.] (2010)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Horna, J.-V.; Zimmermann, R.: Carbon Release from Stems and Branches of Two Tree Species with Contrasting Phenology in a Seasonally Flooded Amazon Forest. In: Neotropical Ecosystems: Proceedings of the German-Brazilian Workshop, Hamburg 2000, pp. 579 - 587 (Eds. Lieberei, R.; Bianchi, H.; Boehm, V.; Reisdorff, C.). Neotropical Ecosystems. Proceedings of the German-Brazilian Workshop, Hamburg 2000, Hamburg, September 03, 2000 - September 08, 2000. GKSS-Forschungszentrum, Geesthacht (2002)
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