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Journal Article
Wittmers, F.; Needham, D. M.; Hehenberger, E.; Giovannoni, S. J.; Worden, A. Z.: Genomes from uncultivated Pelagiphages reveal multiple phylogenetic clades exhibiting extensive auxiliary metabolic genes and cross-family multigene transfers. mSystems XX (XX), e01522-21 (2022)
Journal Article
Needham, D. M.; Poirier, C.; Bachy, C.; George, E. E.; Wilken, S.; Yung, C. C. M.; Limardo, A. J.; Morando, M.; Sudek, L.; Malmstrom, R. R. et al.; Keeling, P. J.; Santoro, A. E.; Worden, A. Z.: The microbiome of a bacterivorous marine choanoflagellate contains a resource-demanding obligate bacterial associate. Nature Microbiology 7, pp. 1466 - 1479 (2022)
Journal Article
Bachy, C.; Wittmers, F.; Muschiol, J.; Hamilton, M.; Henrissat, B.; Worden, A. Z.: The land–sea connection: insights into the plant lineage from a green algal perspective. Annual Review of Plant Biology 73, pp. 27.1 - 27.32 (2022)
Journal Article
Hamilton, M.; Mascioni, M.; Hehenberger, E.; Bachy, C.; Yung, C.; Vernet, M.; Worden, A. Z.: Spatiotemporal variations in Antarctic protistan communities highlight phytoplankton diversity and seasonal dominance by a novel cryptophyte lineage. mBio 12 (6), e02973-21 (2021)
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