Publications of Heike Mumm

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Güss, S.; Albrecht, D.; Krambeck, H.-J.; Müller-Navarra, D. C.; Mumm, H.: Impact of weather on a lake ecosystem, assessed by cyclo-stationary MCCA of long-term observations. Ecology 81 (6), pp. 1720 - 1735 (2000)
Journal Article
Voss, S.; Mumm, H.: Where to stay by night and day: Size-specific and seasonal differences in horizontal and vertical distribution of Chaoborus flavicans larvae. Freshwater Biology 42 (2), pp. 201 - 213 (1999)
Journal Article
Mumm, H.: Effects of competitors and Chaoborus predation on the cladocerans of an eutrophic lake: an enclosure study. Cladocera: The Biology of Model Organisms, pp. 253 - 264 (1997)
Journal Article
Mumm, H.; Sell, A. F.: Estimating the impact of Chaoborus predation on zooplankton: A new design for in situ enclosures studies. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 134 (2), pp. 195 - 206 (1995)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Mumm, H.; Kremser, A.; Lampert, W.: Zooplankton of a small eutrophic lake: impact of a biomanipulation attempt. Limnology and Lake Management 2000+. Proceedings of the Kinneret Symposium, Ginnosar, Israel, 1998-09. Limnology and Lake Management 2000+., pp. 205 - 226 (2000)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Mumm, H.: Zooplanktonentwicklung im Plußsee: invertebrate Räuber, die Wirkung der Biomanipulation und Langzeittrends. Dissertation, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (1996)
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