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    Journal Article
    Renaud, S.; Dufour, A.-B.; Hardouin, E.; Ledevin, R.; Auffray, J.-C.: Once upon multivariate analyses: when they tell several stories about biological evolution. PLoS One 10 (7) (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Renaud, S.; Gomes Rodrigues, H.; Ledevin, R.; Pisanu, B.; Chapuis, J.-L.; Hardouin, E. A.: Fast evolutionary response of house mice to anthropogenic disturbance on a Sub-Antarctic island. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114 (3), pp. 513 - 526 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Hardouin, E.; Orth, A.; Teschke, M.; Darvish, J.; Tautz, D.; Bonhomme, F.: Eurasian house mouse (Mus musculus L.) differentiation at microsatellite loci identifies the Iranian plateau as a phylogeographic hotspot. BMC Evolutionary Biology 15, 26 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Renaud, S.; Hardouin, E. A.; Pisanu, B.; Chapuis, J.-L.: Invasive house mice facing a changing environment on the Sub-Antarctic Guillou Island (Kerguelen Archipelago). Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 (3), pp. 612 - 624 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Linnenbrink, M.; Wang, J.; Hardouin, E. A.; Künzel, S.; Metzler, D.; Baines, J. F.: The role of biogeography in shaping diversity of the intestinal microbiota in house mice. Molecular Ecology 22 (7) (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Hardouin, E. A.; Tautz, D.: Increased mitochondrial mutation frequency after an island colonization: positive selection or accumulation of slightly deleterious mutations? Biology Letters 9 (2) (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Myles, S.; Lea, R. A.; Ohashi, J.; Chambers, G. K.; Weiss, J. G.; Hardouin, E.; Engelken, J.; Macartney-Coxson, D. P.; Eccles, D. A.; Naka, I. et al.; Kimura, R.; Inaoka, T.; Matsumura, Y.; Stoneking, M.: Testing the thrifty gene hypothesis: the Gly482Ser variant in PPARGC1A is associated with BMI in Tongans. Biomedcentral Medical Genetics 12, 10 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Hardouin, E. A.; Chapuis, J.-L.; Stevens, M. I.; van Vuuren, J. B.; Quillfeldt, P.; Scavetta, R. J.; Teschke, M.; Tautz, D.: House mouse colonization patterns on the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Archipelago suggest singular primary invasions and resilience against re-invasion. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10, 325 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Bryk, J.; Hardouin, E.; Pugach, I.; Hughes, D.; Strotmann, R.; Stoneking, M.; Myles, S.: Positive selection in East Asians for an EDAR allele that enhances NF-kappaB activation. PLoS ONE 3 (5), e2209 (2008)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    Hardouin, É. A.: Colonization and adaptation patterns of the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) on the Kerguelen Archipelago. Dissertation, XI, 84 Bl. pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2010)
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