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Gedman, G.; Haase, B.; Durieux, G.; Biegler, M. T.; Fedrigo, O.; Jarvis, E. D.: As above, so below: whole transcriptome profiling demonstrates strong molecular similarities between avian dorsal and ventral pallial subdivisions. The Journal of Comparative Neurology 529 (12), pp. 3222 - 3246 (2021)
Journal Article
Heckwolf, M. J.; Meyer, B. S.: The time is ripe for functional genomics: Can epigenetic changes mediate reproductive timing? Molecular Ecology 30 (15), pp. 3641 - 3644 (2021)
Journal Article
Van Doren, B. M.; Conway, G. J.; Phillips, R. J.; Evans, G. C.; Roberts, G. C. M.; Liedvogel, M.; Sheldon, B. C.: Human activity shapes the wintering ecology of a migratory bird. Global Change Biology 27, pp. 2715 - 2727 (2021)
Journal Article
Wood, M. J.; Canonne, C.; Besnard, A.; Lachish, S.; Fairhurst, S. M.; Liedvogel, M.; Boyle, D.; Patrick, S. C.; Josey, S.; Kirk, H. et al.; Dean, B.; Guilford, T.; McCleery, R. M.; Perrins, C. M.; Horswill, C.: Demographic profiles and environmental drivers of variation relate to individual breeding state in a long-lived trans-oceanic migratory seabird, the Manx shearwater. PLoS One 16 (12), e0260812 (2021)

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Lisovski, S.; Liedvogel, M.: Momenturm on valuing ecosystems is unstoppable, Nature 591, p. 178 - 178 (2021)

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Liedvogel, M.: How do genes allow migratory birds to travel with such precision? (2021)
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