Modeling Diversity in Cancer and Virus Evolution

Modeling Diversity in Cancer and Virus Evolution

14th to 17th May 2018

The evolutionary dynamics of complex human diseases pose unique challenges, such as predicting how therapy alters the evolution of an HIV infection, or how chemotherapy changes a solid tumor’s cellular diversity and aggressiveness. Using experimental, computational and mathematical tools, we seek for patterns and mechanisms that govern the course of disease, before, during and after treatment. Measuring and understanding diversity of microbes and cells, e.g. during viral infections or during cancer progression, have proven to be important for predicting disease evolution. With this workshop we will bring together leading experts from both virus evolution and cancer evolution to talk about recent theoretical, clinical an experimental advances to understanding cellular diversity and evolution. We hope to inspire and facilitate a discourse that can lead to new perspectives and research avenues. 

Confirmed invited speakers are Alison Hill (Harvard University), Ian Tomlinson (University of Birmingham), Trevor Graham (University of London), Tibor Antal (University of Edinburgh), Alexander Anderson (Moffitt Cancer Center), Roland Regös (ETH Zurich) and Ivana Bozic (University of Washington).

Scientific organization: Philipp Altrock (Moffitt Cancer Center) and Arne Traulsen (MPI for Evolutionary Biology).

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