Zeitschriftenartikel (59)

  1. 41.
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  2. 42.
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  3. 43.
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  4. 44.
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  5. 45.
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  6. 46.
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  7. 47.
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  8. 48.
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  9. 49.
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  10. 50.
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  11. 51.
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  12. 52.
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  13. 53.
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  14. 54.
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  15. 55.
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  16. 56.
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  17. 57.
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  18. 58.
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  19. 59.
    Rausch, P.; Rehman, A.; Künzel, S.; Häsler, R.; Ott, S. J.; Schreiber, S.; Rosenstiel, P.; Franke, A.; Baines, J. F.: Colonic mucosa-associated microbiota is influenced by an interaction of Crohn disease and FUT2 (Secretor) genotype. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 (47), S. 19030 - 19035 (2011)

Konferenzbericht (1)

  1. 60.
    Künstner, A.; Sommer, A.; Künzel, S.; Zillikens, D.; Gläser, R.; Baines, J.; Schmidt, E.; Busch, H.: Skin microbiota as potential trigger factors for pemphigus vulgaris. 45th Annual Meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (ADF) , Zürich, Switzerland, 07. März 2018 - 10. März 2018. Experimental Dermatology: an International Journal for Rapid Publication of Short Reports in Experimental Dermatology (2018)
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