Publications of Heike Gruber

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Journal Article
Dégletagne, C.; Abele, D.; Glöckner, G.; Alric, B.; Gruber, H.; Held, C.: Presence of male mitochondria in somatic tissues and their functional importance at the whole animal level in the marine bivalve Arctica islandica. Communications Biology 4, 1104 (2021)
Journal Article
Gruber, H.; Wessels, W.; Boynton, P.; Xu, J.; Wohlgemuth, S.; Leeuwenburgh, C.; Qi, W.; Austad, S. N.; Schaible, R.; Philipp, E. E. R.: Age-related cellular changes in the long-lived bivalve A. islandica. Age 37 (5), 9012 (2015)
Journal Article
Gruber, H.; Schaible, R.; Ridgway, I. D.; Chowd, T. T.; Helde, C.; Philipp, E. E.R.: Telomere-independent ageing in the longest-lived non-colonial animal, Arctica islandica. Experimental Gerontology 51, pp. 38 - 45 (2014)
Journal Article
Ungvari, Z.; Sosnowska, D.; Mason, J. B.; Gruber, H.; Lee, S. W.; Schwartz, T. S.; Brown, M. K.; Storm, N. J.; Fortney, K.; Sowa, J. et al.; Byrne, A. B.; Kurz, T.; Levy, E.; Sonntag, W. E.; Austad, S. N.; Csiszar, A.; Ridgway, I.: Resistance to Genotoxic Stresses in Arctica islandica, the Longest Living Noncolonial Animal: Is Extreme Longevity Associated With a Multistress Resistance Phenotype? Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 68 (5), pp. 521 - 529 (2013)
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