Publications of Yingguang Frank Chan

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Journal Article
Jones, F. C.; Grabherr, M. G.; Chan, Y. F.; Russell, P.; Mauceli, E.; Johnson, J.; Swofford, R.; Pirun, M.; Zody, M. C.; White, S. et al.; Birney, E.; Searle, S.; Schmutz, J.; Grimwood, J.; Dickson, M. C.; Myers, R. M.; Miller, C. T.; Summers, B. R.; Knecht, A. K.; Brady, S. D.; Zhang, H.; Pollen, A. A.; Howes, T.; Amemiya, C.; Team, B. I. G. S. P. &. W. G. A.; Lander, E. S.; Di Palma, F.; Lindblad-Toh, K.; Kingsley, D. M.: The genomic basis of adaptive evolution in threespine sticklebacks. Nature 484 (7392), pp. 55 - 61 (2012)
Journal Article
Chan, Y. F.; Jones, F. C.; McConnell, E.; Bryk, J.; Bünger, L.; Tautz, D.: Parallel selection mapping using artificially selected mice reveals body weight control loci. Current Biology 22, published online (2012)
Journal Article
Chan, Y. F.: Hearing echoes. Heredity advance online publication, advance online publication (2012)
Journal Article
Jones, F. C.; Chan, Y. F.; Schmutz, J.; Grimwood, J.; Brady, S. D.; Southwick, A. M.; Absher, D. M.; Myers, R. M.; Reimchen, T. E.; Deagle, B. E. et al.; Schluter, D.; Kingsley, D. M.: A genome-wide SNP genotyping array reveals patterns of global and repeated species-pair divergence in sticklebacks. Current Biology 22, pp. 83 - 90 (2012)
Journal Article
Chan, Y. F.; Marks, M. E.; Jones, F. C.; Villarreal Jr., G.; Shapiro, M. D.; Brady, S. D.; Southwick, A. M.; Absher, D. M.; Grimwood, J.; Schmutz, J. et al.; Myers, R. M.; Petrov, D.; Jónsson, B.; Schluter, D.; Bell, M. A.; Kingsley, D. M.: Adaptive evolution of pelvic reduction in sticklebacks by recurrent deletion of a Pitx1 enhancer. Science 327 (5963), pp. 302 - 305 (2010)
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