Publications of John F. Baines

Journal Article (106)

Journal Article
Beye, M.; Gattermeier, I.; Hasselmann, M.; Gempe, T.; Schioett, M.; Baines, J. F.; Schlipalius, D.; Mougel, F.; Emore, C.; Rueppell, O. et al.; Sirvio, A.; Guzman-Novoa, E.; Hunt, G.; Solignac, M.; Page Jr., R. E.: Exceptionally high levels of recombination across the honey bee genome. Genome Research 16 (11), pp. 1339 - 1344 (2006)
Journal Article
Harr, B.; Voolstra, C.; Heinen, T. J. A. J.; Baines, J. F.; Rottscheidt, R.; Ihle, S.; Mueller, W.; Bonhomme, F.; Tautz, D.: A change of expression in the conserved signaling gene MKK7 is associated with a selective sweep in the western house mouse Mus musculus domesticus. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19 (5), pp. 1486 - 1496 (2006)
Journal Article
Baines, J. F.; Das, A.; Mousset, S.; Stephan, W.: The role of natural selection in genetic differentiation of worldwide populations of Drosophila ananassae. Genetics 168 (4), pp. 1987 - 1998 (2004)
Journal Article
Baines, J. F.; Parsch, J.; Stephan, W.: Pleiotropic effect of disrupting a conserved sequence involved in a long-range compensatory interaction in the drosophila Adh gene. Genetics 166 (1), pp. 237 - 242 (2004)
Journal Article
Baines, J. F.; Chen, Y.; Das, A.; Stephan, W.: DNA sequence variation at a duplicated gene: Excess of replacement polymorphism and extensive haplotype structure in the Drosophila melanogaster bicoid region. Molecular Biology and Evolution 19 (7), pp. 989 - 998 (2002)
Journal Article
Chen, Y.; Carlini, D.; Baines, J. F.; Parsch, J.; Braverman, J.; Tanda, S.; Stephan, W.: RNA secondary structure and compensatory evolution. Genes & Genetic Systems 74 (6), pp. 271 - 286 (1999)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Doms, S.; Hermes, B.-M.; Baines, J. F.: Evolutionary perspectives on the human Gut Microbiome. In: The Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease, pp. 65 - 78 (Ed. Haller, D.). Springer, Heidelberg (2018)

Conference Report (3)

Conference Report
Tietje, A.; Schilf, P.; Olbrich, M.; Hirose, M.; Kuenzel, S.; Kunstner, A.; Busch, H. S.; Sadik, C. D.; Baines, J. F.; Ibrahim, S. M.: Complex interactions between gut microbiota and the mitochondria contribute to the pathogenesis of autoimmune skin diseases. 47th Annual Meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (ADF), Virtual, March 04, 2021 - March 06, 2021. Experimental Dermatology: an International Journal for Rapid Publication of Short Reports in Experimental Dermatology 30 (3), p. E69 - E69 (2021)
Conference Report
Lund, J.V.; Bartel, S.; Orinska, Z.; Lunding, L.; Kull, S.; Baines, J.; Jappe, U.; Krauss-Etschmann, S.: Distinct "asthma" phenotypes of four mouse strains correlate with different responses to house dust mite (HDM) allergens. Congress of the European-Academy-of-Allergy-and-Clinical-Immunology (EAACI), Munich, Germany, May 23, 2018 - May 30, 2018. Allergy 73 (SI), Supplement 105 Ed., p. 343 - 343 (2018)
Conference Report
Künstner, A.; Sommer, A.; Künzel, S.; Zillikens, D.; Gläser, R.; Baines, J.; Schmidt, E.; Busch, H.: Skin microbiota as potential trigger factors for pemphigus vulgaris. 45th Annual Meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung (ADF) , Zürich, Switzerland, March 07, 2018 - March 10, 2018. Experimental Dermatology: an International Journal for Rapid Publication of Short Reports in Experimental Dermatology 27 (3), p. e95 - e95 (2018)

Thesis - PhD (7)

Thesis - PhD
Chung, C. J.: Analysis of the role of host genetics in shaping diversity of the murine lung microbiota. Dissertation, 149 pp., Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel (2021)
Thesis - PhD
Fokt, H.: The evolution of the genus Bachterioides in the House Mouse species complex. Dissertation, 164 pp., Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Kiel University, Kiel (2021)
Thesis - PhD
Vallier, M.: Characterization of pathogen-driven selection at B4galnt2 in house mice. Dissertation, 211 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2017)
Thesis - PhD
Belheouane, M.: Analysis of the skin microbiota in house mice using genetic, evolutionary and ecological approaches. Dissertation, 228 pp., Kiel University, Kiel (2016)
Thesis - PhD
Rausch, P.: The influence of blood-group-related antigens on the intestinal microbiome. Dissertation, 309 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2015)
Thesis - PhD
Wang, J.: Ecological and evolutionary forces shaping variation in the wild mouse gut microbiome. Dissertation, 167 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2014)
Thesis - PhD
Linnenbrink, M.: Population genetic and functional analysis of the B4galnt2 gene in the genus Mus (Rodentia; Muridae). Dissertation, XIV, 90 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2012)

Thesis - Master (3)

Thesis - Master
Tanis, S.: Uncovering de-novo recombination events in H2-A and H2-E MHC Class II genes in wild mice (Mus musculus domesticus). Master, 73 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel (2020)
Thesis - Master
Unni, R. G.: Fitness effects of killer virus infection on wild Saccharomyces paradoxus. Master, 40 pp., Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Kiel (2019)
Thesis - Master
Hermes, B.-M.: Characterization of Parabacteroides in the mammalian gut microbiome in relation to host genetics. Master, 56 pp., Kiel University, Institute for Experimental Medicine, Kiel (2017)
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