Publications of Wing Yui Ngan

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Rao, S.; Ngan, W. Y.; Chan, L. C.; Sekoai, P. T.; Fung, A. H. Y.; Pu, Y.; Yao, Y.; Habimana, O.: Questioning the source of identified non-foodborne pathogens from food-contact wooden surfaces used in Hong Kong's urban wet markets. One Health 13, 100300 (2021)
Journal Article
Ngan, W. Y.; Rao, S.; Chan, L. C.; Sekoai, P. T.; Pu, Y.; Yao, Y.; Fung, A. H. Y.; Habimana, O.: Impacts of wet market modernization levels and hygiene practices on the microbiome and microbial safety of wooden cutting boards in Hong Kong. Microorganisms 8 (12), 1941 (2020)
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