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Journal Article
Rausch, P.; Basic, M.; Batra, A.; Bischoff, S. C.; Blaut, M.; Clavel, T.; Glasner, J.; Gopalakrishnan, S.; Grassl, G. A.; Gunther, C. et al.; Haller, D.; Hirose, M.; Ibrahim, S.; Loh, G.; Mattner, J.; Nagel, S.; Pabst, O.; Schmidt, F.; Siegmund, B.; Strowig, T.; Volynets, V.; Wirtz, S.; Zeissig, S.; Zeissig, Y.; Bleich, A.; Baines, J. F.: Analysis of factors contributing to variation in the C57BL/6J fecal microbiota across German animal facilities. International Journal of Medical Microbiology 306 (5), pp. 343 - 355 (2016)
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