Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; McConnell, E.; Ono, J.; Greig, D.: Spore-autonomous fluorescent protein expression identifies meiotic chromosome mis-segregation as the principal cause of hybrid sterility in yeast. PLoS Biology 16 (11), e2005066 (2018)
Journal Article
Yıldırım, Y.; Anderson, M. J.; Hansson, B.; Patel, S.; Millar, C. D.; Rainey, P. B.: Genetic structure of the grey side-gilled sea slug (Pleurobranchaea maculata) in coastal waters of New Zealand. PLoS One 13 (8), e0202197 (2018)
Journal Article
Bons, E.; Bertels, F.; Regoes, R. R.: Estimating the mutational fitness effects distribution during early HIV infection. Virus Evolution 4 (2), vey029 (2018)
Journal Article
Straub, C.; Colombi, E.; Li, L.; Huang, H.; Templeton, M. D.; McCann, H. C.; Rainey, P. B.: The ecological genetics of Pseudomonas syringae from kiwifruit leaves. Environmental Microbiology 20 (6), pp. 2066 - 2084 (2018)
Journal Article
Bertels, F.; Metzner, K. J.; Regoes, R. R.: Convergent evolution as an indicator for selection during acute HIV-1 infection. bioRxiv, 168260, ver. 4 peer-reviewed and recommended by PCI Evolutionary Biology (2018)

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Working Paper
Yulo, P.R.J.; Desprat, N.; Gerth, M.L.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, X.X.; Rainey, P. B.; Hendrickson, H.L.: Experimental evolution of cell shape in bacteria. bioRxiv (2018)
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